Sake Brewery Tour

Sake Tour
Sake Tour
Open every day including holidays

Sake tour is very educational, so especially good for children and of course for adults.

After tour, sake tasting is available with no charge except daiginjo kano that is 300yen in a glass.
Ever popular sake manju, sake ice cream, sake jerry, sake lotion and other local products are sold at the souvenir shop

"Suica" and the following credit cards are welcome to use!
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Sake brewery tour
Sake tour
(without reservation)
10:00 10:30 11:00 11:30
13:00 13:30 14:00 14:30 15:00 15:30

When you reserve the tour the starting time can be flexible.
We would like to ask you to know that customers with reservation are served first.

As for the 31st of December, tour is available for reservation only.

For a group with more than 15persons, please reserve a tour.

By car
About 10minutes from Higasikanto jidosyado Daiei IC or Sakurakatori IC
(About 70minutes from downtown Tokyo)

By Highway express bus
Takes about 90minutes
from Hamamatsucho or Tokyo eki,
getting off at Sawara station
or Sawara station north

By railway
From Narita Airport

1. Narita Airport 2nd terminal build Station(JR Keisei honsen tokkyu for Keisei Ueno)
Keisei Narita(on foot) → Narita(JR Naritasen for Chosi) → Sawara(10minutes walk)
→ Tokun Brewery

2. Narita Airport 2nd terminal build Station(JR Naritasen for Choshi)
Narita(JR Naritasen for Chosi) → Sawara(10minutes walk)
→ Tokun Brewery

Address: i627 Sawara Katoricity Chiba-prefecture / TEL: 0478-55-1122
Parking: There is a designated parking space.
When parking large sized bus, we would like you to let us know in advance.

Tokun Brewery is located about 3minutes walk from old streets and Ino Tadataka museum.

Designated spaces especially for buses are available. (10 large sized cars can be parked)
During Sawara town tour, parking is available at free of charge.
Please inquire us when making a reservation.

The shortest way to sightseeing spots such as Ino Tadataka museum and old streets is from our parking. As it is expected to be very crowded in January and June, We’d like to ask you to make a reservation early.

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