Privacy Policy

  1. Tokun Sake Brewery Company Co., Ltd. (hereinafter called our company) handles customer’s personal information provided by customers in the mail through our web site, according to this privacy policy.
  2. Our company makes efforts so as not to impair rights and interests of concerned customer, in case of acquisition, possession, use, and disclosure of customer’s personal information.
  3. Customers are able to visit our web site without disclosing their personal information, and referring to our web site only does not mean to be collected their personal information.
  4. Our company will strive to prevent leakage, loss, damage of customer’s personal information or unauthorized access to it by taking appropriate safety measures as for customer’s personal information obtained.
  5. Our company will use customer’s personal information only when it is necessary in order to achieve the following matters.
    • Fulfillment of the contract entered into between the customer and our company
    • Sending leaflets of events to customers
  6. Our company will not submit customer’s personal information to the third party unless obtaining the customer’s consent in advance. However in the following cases, customer’s personal information may be submitted to the third party without customer’s prior consent.
    • In the case that is based on laws and ordinances
    • In the case that is necessary to protect one’s life, body or property, and also it is difficult to obtain customer’s consent.
    • In case which our company needs to cooperate with national organizations, local governments or the person in commission of such organization when carrying business based on laws and ordinances, and also obtaining prior consent of customer’s is likely to cause problem as operating the concerned business.
  7. Our company will make every effort to comply with laws, ordinances, and other code of conduct concerning with handling customer’s personal information as well as review this privacy policy continuously and try to improve it if necessary.

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