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This web site is operated by Tokun Sake Brewery Company Co.,Ltd.(hereinafter called our company) Please use our web site on approval of each following items.

System requirements
  1. Recommended browser
    • For Microsoft Windows users : Latest edition of Microsoft Edge, Latest edition of FireFox, Latest edition of Google Chrome
    • For Apple Macintosh users : Latest edition of Safari
  2. Recommended screen size
    Larger than 1024 ×768pix (SVGA specification)
  3. Recommended Transmission speed
    Faster than 128kbps
  4. Concerning JavaScript
    As our web site uses JavaScript, please brows as turning on JavaScript.
  1. 1.Copyright of individual sentence, photos, pictures, and other written works (hereinafter called contents) belong to our company, or the original author and other rights holders.
  2. In case of copying and preserving contents for the purpose of personal usage, action of copying, public transmission, modification, removal of the contents, and reprinting of the contents to customer’s web site are prohibited by Copyright Act unless being permitted by copyright law. Therefore, Please contact us, and obtain consent concerning with the action you intend to take in advance.
Concerning the usage of web site
  1. Contents and all other written works in this site are provided with no guarantee of accuracy, usefulness, certainty and so on. Our company is not responsible for any damage resulting from the use of the contents of this site.
  2. Composure of this web site, Terms and Conditions, URL and contents and so on, may be altered and discontinued without notice.
Concerning Link
  1. When putting a link to this web site (including posting our web site URL to magazines or printing material such as books), please inquire us through the web site. However, even if there is no reply from us, this does not mean that we have licensed the link.
  2. The following link or such kind of link are subject to be refused.
    • Link from slander sites
    • Link from sites impair our credit quality such as ones offending public order and morals be offensive to public order.
    • Link detracting from the clarity of our web site such as frame link
    • Link that is likely to be mistaken as if there is a partnership or cooperation between the link source and us, or as if our company recognizes the link source or support it
    • Link that our company judges inappropriate

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