Master brewer, Mr. Oikawa

Master brewer, Mr. Oikawa Tsuneo Oikawa is a prominent sake brewer representing 400 master brewers in the world-renowned Nambu Toji group, the largest group of master brewers in Japan.

When he was 20 years-old, he decided to become a “toji” (master brewer) in order to keep busy during the off-season winter period of farming.

After 13 years of training with a sake brewery in Ishinomaki City, Miyagi Prefecture, he studied under the tutelage of Master brewer Hirano Sagoro of “Uragasumi.” Later, he spent 6 years working in a sake brewing house in Toyama Prefecture, during which time he passed the master brewer screening examination administered by the Sendai Regional Taxation Bureau. He entered Tokun Sake Brewery at the age of 39.

At the age of 42, he obtained Level 1 of the national brewing technician certification exam.

He devised and implemented the Oikawa Moromi cooling system.

When asked to describe good quality sake in one word, Master brewer Oikawa answered, "If compared to a flower, sake with a sweet-smelling fragrance like sakura."

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